Sample Nonprofit Pledge Agreement

When running a nonprofit organization, having a pledge agreement is an important part of securing donations. A pledge agreement is a legally binding contract between a donor and a nonprofit organization. It outlines the donor’s commitment to financially support the nonprofit and what the nonprofit will use the donation for.

A sample nonprofit pledge agreement typically includes the following key elements:

1. Donor Information – The agreement should list the donor’s name, address, and contact information to ensure accurate record keeping.

2. Donation Amount – The agreement should clearly state the amount of the donation and the frequency of payments.

3. Purpose of Donation – The agreement should specify the purpose of the donation, such as supporting a specific program or project.

4. Payment Schedule – The agreement should lay out the payment schedule, including the date of the first payment and the frequency of subsequent payments.

5. Payment Method – The agreement should specify how the donor will make the payments, such as by check, credit card, or electronic transfer.

6. Termination Clause – The agreement should include a termination clause that outlines the process for terminating the pledge agreement.

7. Tax Deductibility – The agreement should state whether the donation is tax-deductible and provide any necessary tax information.

8. Signature – The agreement should be signed by both the donor and a representative of the nonprofit organization.

Overall, a nonprofit pledge agreement is an essential tool for securing donations and ensuring that both the donor and the nonprofit are on the same page regarding the details of the donation. By using a sample nonprofit pledge agreement, nonprofits can create a legally binding contract that protects both parties` interests.

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